analytico is a consulting company helping with the identification of immense opportunities the AI technologies can bring to your business.


Data Storytellers

We are the data experts skilled and experienced in data science. We can recommend you the most powerful analytical and data science/machine learning platforms currently available on the market. In a close collaboration with you we'll identify the specific pain points of your business and conduct the in-depth analysis to identify the root causes or the unknown dependencies. 


AI Guides

We'll design and implement the AI solutions perfectly tailored for your business. We recommend you the most suitable solution for the augmented, offline or real-time analytics using the most appropriate forms of machine learning approach (statistical algorithms or powerful neural networks). We'll help you to build the systems for detections, predictions, recommendations or recognitions with one clear goal: improve your competitiveness, effectiveness or top / bottom line growth. 


analytico is your professional guide throughout your digital evolution from BI to AI.